Giving Back

10% Giving Back to Nonprofits
The 10% Giving Back to Nonprofits Program is our commitment to impact community service. It defines the spirit of our people, the work that unites us, and the essence of the VIPTAX culture. Regardless of the mission, we are inspired daily by our awareness of all the great work that occurs by nonprofits in service to our community.

We make donations of service and discounted fees to many nonprofits in need. We take this very seriously and it is at the heart of everything we accomplish. As a good corporate citizen we strive to lead by example. How much do we donate?
VIPTAX is a private company and as such, we do not share financial information such as profitability. Regardless, we commit that at least 10% of every dollar of profit we earn annually will be donated to nonprofits that serve our communities. How do we select beneficiaries?
Our nonprofit clients are our primary beneficiaries. We become very familiar with their missions and their needs are great.

When did the 10% Giving Back to Nonprofits Program begin?
As an official commitment, 10% Giving Back to Nonprofits started in 2018, but the culture of giving has been a part of the firm for 10+ years.

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